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NATURAL MEN'S GROOMING PRODUCTS | Offering all natural beard conditioners, traditional hand made soaps & shampoos, and the finest quality old-world combs & brushes. All of our products are mildly scented with high quality essential oils. No artificial fragrance oils are used in any of our products. | NATURAL GROOMING PRODUCTS FOR THE NATURAL MAN

About us

My name is Matt.  When I was 13 I started shaving.  When I was 15 I stopped.  I live in the mountains of North Carolina with my wife.  This is me and my beard, in an actual waterfall near my house. 

It's OK to be jealous, just try not to be envious, because that's a sin.  We breed children (six so far) and sheep.  Our sheep are a rare breed of primitive sheep called Soay, which come from the tiny St. Kilda islands far off the northwest coat of Scotland.  We decided to name our line of beard care products after these rugged islands.  The men there had pretty impressive beards.  That, and the Soay wool underwear probably helped them stay warm in the harsh north Atlantic winters.  People don't live on St. Kilda any more.  Just sheep.  But when people did live there, this is what they looked like.


My wife and I are crafty people who like to do things ourselves.  She's an avid knitter, crocheter, and spinner.  I make traditional hand sewn kilts.  Our DIY passions spill over into other aspects of our lives.  We homeschool our kids.  I roast my own coffee beans.  We make a lot of our own cleaning products.  So of course when I learned of the benefits of beard oils, I wanted to learn how to make my own.  And now I share the fruit of my labors with you, the beard growing public.  When you buy St. Kilda Beard Care products, you are helping to support me and my family, and so I thank you!  I hope you and your beard enjoy our products as much as I do.

"For God... has adorned man, like the lions, with a beard, and endowed him, as an attribute of manhood, with a shaggy chest - a sign of strength and rule."
-St. Clement of Alexandria