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All natural beard care and men's grooming products | MADE WITHOUT ARTIFICIAL FRAGRANCE OILS | It's what you would make for yourself if you could.

Meet Chicago

See the ram in our logo?  His name is Chicago.  He's named after an airport.  He's a British Soay sheep.  Those are the most primitive breed of domestic sheep known to exist.  They come from the St. Kilda islands in the north Atlantic ocean off the northwest coast of Scotland.  They've been there since the Stone Age.

This is Chicago as a young lamb, less than a year old.  Awww... isn't he cute?

This is Chicago today, as a full grown ram, hanging out with some of his lady friends.  Isn't he manly with his impressive horns and full, luxurious beard?  He keeps his beard looking good by eating a diet of pesticide-free grass, sleeping outdoors, and never, ever taking a bath.  You can try the same regimine if you like.  Or you can use our beard oils and beard balms.  Your call.