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NATURAL GROOMING PRODUCTS FOR THE NATURAL MAN | All natural beard conditioners, hand made soaps & shampoos, and the finest quality old-world combs & brushes. Our products are mildly scented with high quality essential oils. No artificial fragrance oils are used in any of our products.

Why Essential Oils?

Each ingredient in our beard oils, balms and waxes is selected because of its specific benefits to hair and skin health.  We choose to use only simple, all natural ingredients, and we select the essential oils used to scent our products based on those same principles.
That is why we only use 100% natural thereputic grade essential oils.  None of our products are made with fragrance oils.  What is the difference?  Fragrance oils are synthetic oils made from chemicals meant to mimic the natural scent of a product.  Essential oils, on the other hand, are made by extracting the natural oils of a plant.  These natural oils can have health benefits not found in synthetic fragrance oils, which is why essential oils are commonly used in aromatherapy. 
We use essential oils in our products primarily for their pleasant aromas.  We make no claims about the health benefits of the essential oils we use.  Some essential oils have been known to irritate the skin, including some used in our products (allspice, cinnamon and clove).  Skin irritation is normally associated with direct application of undiluted essential oil.  Essential oils constitute only a very small percentage (less than 5%) of our products, and are normally safe for use on the skin.  However people with especially sensitive skin may wish to avoid our products scented with allspice, cinnamon or clove.
Certain essential oils have been known to have health benefits for hair and skin. These include:
  • Cedarwood: treats dry skin and dandruff, stimulates hair growth
  • Clary Sage: dandruff treatment
  • Eucalyptus: dandruff treatment
  • Lavander: helps itchy scalp, promotes hair growth
  • Lemon: treats oily hair and dandruff
  • Myrrh: treats dry hair and dry skin
  • Patchouli: treats oily hair and dandruff
  • Peppermint: treats dry hair, promotes hair growth
  • Rosemary: treats oily hair and dandruff, promotes hair growth
  • Tea Tree: treats oily hair, dry scalp and dandrufff
Many of our products make use of these oils.  Again, these claims have not been evaluated by the FDA, and we use essential oils in our products for scent, not medicinal value. The specific essential oils used in each of our products are listed on our scents page.