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Kent Comb

Kent Comb


Two things are essential to make combing your beard easy.  The first is having a well conditioned beard (beard oil or beard balm will help with that).  The second is using a quality comb.  Most inexpensive plastic combs are made using injection molding, which is efficient and cheap but leaves behind irregularities on the comb teeth which can snag hair and cause damage to the follicles over time. 

We import our combs from the Kent Brush company in England.  Kent has been making the highest quality combs and brushes since 1777, and are holders of the Royal Warrant (which means they make the combs and brushes used by the Royal Family). 

What makes Kent combs special is the fact that they are hand made from plant-derived plastic.  Each begins as a "blank" with no teeth.  Each tooth is sawed and polished, leaving each one as smooth as possible.  Moreover, the teeth are much more sturdy than those of inexpensive drug-store combs. 

These combs not only work better and last longer, but they are less damaging to your beard than less expensive varieties.  Buy and enjoy a Kent comb -- your beard deserves nothing less.

Our larger Kent Comb (5T) is 6.5" long and features teeth for both coarse and fine hair.  It is a great all-purpose comb for beard and hair, and fits neatly into your pocket or travel bag.


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